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5 reasons to gain an MSc in Nursing as a registered nurse

5 reasons to gain an MSc in Nursing as a registered nurse

If you’re a registered nurse looking to develop your capabilities, it can be challenging to decide on the best way to accomplish this. 

However, a postgraduate degree is an excellent means of building your skillset and gaining a more advanced understanding of your practice.

At UCLan, we offer an online, part-time MSc in Nursing that’s been created specifically for qualified nurses – with the key benefit of giving you the flexibility to fit your studies around your schedule. 

So, if you’ve been wondering whether a return to your education could be the best move for your career, here are five reasons to earn your Master of Science degree: 

1. Gain new perspectives on the practice 

Studying nursing at a postgraduate level will encourage you to explore the field with an exciting level of depth. 

For example, on our MSc Nursing module ‘Thinking Nursing’, we help registered nurses examine the true scope of the field in relation to its impact on healthcare and social care. Understanding the importance of nursing knowledge – and how you can expand your own – will add new dimension to how you view and approach your work. 

2. Strengthen your own practice 

Learning more about the nursing practice is a fantastic way to start critically interrogating and exploring your own work as well.

As part of our course, you'll even have the opportunity to gain academic credit for project work that you take on within your role in the clinical area.

This will not only encourage you to apply the knowledge gained during your studies to your practice - but also teach you how to adapt to developments in your organisation or the field. Being able to dissect your own performance is essential for honing your capabilities and developing as a professional.

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3. Learn how to succeed in leadership

Developing knowledge of your practice is always an excellent way to prepare for more senior roles, but that isn’t the only way your MSc course can support you. 

With our MSc in Nursing programme, you’ll learn how to synthesise research with real-world experience to drive creativity in how you and others approach challenges. 

What’s more, we’ll teach you how to critically reflect on your work in order to adapt and improve – as well as how to encourage this form of self-appraisal with other nursing professionals. 

4. Develop lifelong learning tools

Studying for your postgraduate qualification can also future-proof your career – empowering you to evolve alongside the field. 

A well-designed MSc programme will equip you with invaluable research skills and help you develop an affinity for self-directed learning.  

Combined, these capabilities will give you the tools needed to continue upskilling even after graduation. Being able to take control of your learning and rise to new developments in your practice will not only allow you to continue finding fulfilment in your career, but will also help assure your long-term success. 

5. Equip yourself for international opportunities 

You’re undoubtedly aware of the large demand for registered nurses all around the world. By holding an MSc in Nursing, you’ll unlock more opportunities to secure positions internationally. 

If you’re passionate about supporting healthcare or social care needs in another region, your qualification will play a significant role in giving employers confidence in your capabilities. 

Though you may need to pass additional examinations to work in certain countries, the expertise you’ll hold will mean you’re well-prepared to apply your knowledge to a new workplace. 

Are you looking to advance in your nursing career? Have you been thinking about upskilling in your practice? Our online, part-time MSc in Nursing may be the perfect fit for you. 

Get in touch with our friendly team using the form below if you’d like to get more information on the programme, or visit our dedicated course page. 

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