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What’s it like to study Applied Public Health online?

What’s it like to study Applied Public Health online?

Working in public health means observing a broader stance in healthcare that improves wellbeing and prevents illness within a nation or community. The world of public health is always evolving, resulting in high demand for skilled and knowledgeable individuals who can adapt well to the job.

The most important public health issue faced by countries globally over the last couple of years has been the Coronavirus pandemic. For the past two years, every single screen, newspaper and conversation started and ended with Covid, and the extraordinary health measures that were undertaken.

Public health officials were required to strategise and implement protocols such as mask-wearing within an extremely short time. In the USA, current statistics show 83,505,111 recoveries, but also show 1,037,664 deaths as of June 2022. Timely measures produced and brought to fruition by public health officials can impact these statistics and the number of lives that will be saved or lost on an ongoing health issue.

Those working in public health can be responsible for important decisions with a global impact. That is why it is crucial to gather good qualifications to progress in this field in a more informed way.

Explore careers and opportunities available to you as an MSc Applied Public Health graduate:

Careers and opportunities

A postgraduate degree in public health can help you take the necessary steps to progress in your profession with the right tools, techniques and evidence-based approaches.

Studying a master’s in public health online

Studying a master’s does not have to be complicated. Online postgraduate degrees offer a wide range of benefits with accessibility from anywhere in the world. The University of Central Lancashire has an MSc in Applied Public Health which is available both online and part-time.

As someone who is already working in public health, the main advantage is that you don’t have to take time away from your work or personal life to be physically present at the university. Therefore, you’ll incur fewer costs and the hassle of moving, and you will be able to continue with your career while you study.

Another benefit offered by the University of Central Lancashire is the student-centred approach to the postgraduate programme. Learning online does not limit your resources, but instead accelerates your knowledge so you can apply what you learn immediately to your daily work. All coursework, assignments, modules and webinars are available to students through the university's online platform Canvas.

Earning an MSc in Applied Public Health could be your first step towards a deeply fulfilling career – find out four reasons why: 

4 reasons to earn your MSc in Applied Public Health

You will also belong to a diverse group of course members based across the world. Connecting with fellow public health professionals, sharing experiences, and discussing the course will be available to you via online forums on Canvas. Additionally, you can find any information, journals and papers required for your assignments and projects in the digital University Library.  

You’ll also be provided with student adviser and IT support, and you’ll be able to attend a host of online events to further your studies and broaden your knowledge. The course is entirely designed to be flexible and accommodating to your every need.

Modules covered in the MSc in Applied Public Health

Your postgraduate degree in Applied Public Health will begin with an introduction to research - analysing and using published studies to address real-world challenges.

Further, you’ll study public health wellbeing and the factors that affect it. You’ll also develop essential skills in critical, analytical and integrative understanding of theory, policy and practice.

The other modules you’ll study include the Advanced Needs Assessment for Primary Care, Global Public Health and Risk Management. These modules will prepare you for taking a global approach to understanding, communicating and reducing health risks.

This programme offered by the University of Central Lancashire is studied part-time and online, allowing you to study at home or on the move. To find out more about the course, visit the page below:

Explore the course

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