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Transcript: Sustainable management

Watch this extract from a virtual open day where current student Melissa Pather discusses how the course has helped her better understand business and the way it works across the world:

The following is a transcript from a virtual open day extract featured on the MSc International Business and Management course page. 

Melissa: [00:00:02] Professionally, I think I have a better understanding regarding people in management and the aspects they have to deal with and the amount of work because generally you think that they would just have to overlook what we do.  

[00:00:14] And that was just it, so it was just simple stuff and the people [inaudible] are really productive and pushing and doing all the work and heading us. But it was very interesting to see the amount of work that goes into it and the knowledge you need to have to actually run a business, execute all corporations successfully. So I think I have a better understanding with management and how things are done in the office.  

[00:00:40] Personally, as I said, regarding things that are actually happening in the world, we're so blinded by these advertisements and our thoughts of how things really are. But as you study and you start researching and reading articles and documentaries, it's a better understanding of what's really going on in the world out there, then, well, studying this course I've met people from other countries, which is really interesting and we got chatting. So it was really nice.