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How to create a workspace for online learning

How to create a workspace for online learning

Discover how to set up a comfortable, well-lit, organised, and inspiring workspace for effective online learning while minimising distractions

If you choose online learning for your studies, you’ll get to enjoy the freedom and flexibility that comes with being able to study on your own terms – when and from wherever it suits you. 

But it’s important to create a workspace that will help to facilitate your learning and ensure you can study at your optimal capability. 

Here are 5 tips on how to create a workspace for online learning: 

1. Invest in a comfortable chair and desk 

If you’re going to be sitting at a desk studying for hours regularly, it’s crucial that you invest in a chair and desk that will ensure your comfort and support your physical health and wellbeing. 

Choose an ergonomic chair that will promote good posture and provide you with the back and neck support you need to study comfortably. 

When choosing a desk, it’s a good idea to look for ones that have drawers or other types of compartments where you can store your study materials/supplies, such as stationery. There are also height-adjustable desks you can get if you don’t want to be sitting down for long periods – they can help to improve both your fitness and focus. 

2. Make sure you have adequate lighting 

Because online learning enables you to study any time of the day that suits you, you may find studying at night is the best time for you to study. 

So it’s important to make sure you have adequate lighting to support your wellbeing, concentration and learning. 

Natural light has been shown to improve health and wellbeing and reduce eyestrain, headaches and drowsiness. And, even if you study at night, you can still gain the benefits of natural lighting with neutral white bulbs or other light bulbs specifically designed to simulate natural light. 

3. Clear your workspace 

Keeping your workspace clear of clutter is vital if you want to study comfortably and efficiently. It helps you spend less time trying to figure out where things are and more time on your actual studies. 

If you have a desk that contains shelves and drawers, take the time early on to organise them appropriately so that you have a designated storage space for all of your study materials. For example, you may decide to store your books on shelves in alphabetical order, your stationery in drawers, and your pens/pencils in custom holders. 

4. Create an inspirational space 

If you’re going to dedicate time each week to studying, it’s also important to stay motivated. Staying motivated will not only help you to reach your study goals, but also to enjoy your learning journey along the way. 

Create a workspace that will inspire you – whether that’s through colourful walls/furnishings, photos, artworks, plants, or anything else that will encourage you to spend time in that space. 

Creating a positive, inspiring and happy workspace will help you thrive and perform at your best throughout your online learning journey. 

5. Minimise distractions 

Whether or not you’re living with other people, it’s essential to choose a space that’s in a quiet area of your home as your workspace, so you can minimise external distractions and noise. 

If you’re living with others, you can give them visual cues that it’s time for you not to be disturbed, such as by closing the door whenever it’s time for you to study, and/or sticking post-it notes to your door or fridge clearly showing them the times you need to study. 

But inevitably, external distractions and noise can occur despite your best efforts to minimise them. Investing in noise-cancelling headphones, or re-adjusting your study schedule to find a better time when there’s likely to be less distractions in the home, can help to keep you focused on your studies. 

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