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What's it like to study online?

Current UCLan Online student Alex shares his experience.

Hear from a current UCLan master's student about what it's like to study Human Resource Management (HRM) online. 

Alex De Carvalho is a Senior HR professional and a current student on UCLan's online MSc in Human Resource Management.

We spoke to Alex about what motivated him to study HRM at master's level, how he found the application process and why he think's an MSc is a great investment for his career. Alex De Carvalho

Why did you choose to study online with UCLan? 

After applying to four universities and receiving unconditional offers, I looked deeper,  specifically into the course content.

I can safely say that UClan offered exactly what I was looking for and was simply a perfect fit.   

What motivated you to study this course at master’s level? 

I’m in a Senior HR Leadership role and Head of HR for another organisation. Studying an MSc in HRM made perfect sense at this stage of my career. 

I’m a firm believer in personal development. In order to better serve my organisation through a growth phase, it was imperative I took the next steps to expand my knowledge and experience.

How do you balance work, study and socialising?  

Time management is key. I treat my entire schedule like a meeting. This allows me to block study time, family time and balance work commitments 

At this level if you’re not prepared to give up your social life to an extent, think again. Remember, small sacrifices produce life long rewards.  

What has the support been like, both during the application process and your studies?  

After receiving unconditional offers from all my university choices, I had the pleasure of dealing with Daniel [my Course Adviser] during my postgraduate HRM application. He showed exceptional professionalism throughout the process and quickly understood what UCLan meant to me. His approach in viewing a candidate as an individual rather than a tick box system was clearly demonstrated.

Daniel is personable, has a natural ability to deliver great customer service and I have never met such a truly dedicated recruitment professional. He's an asset with great communication skills and one of the reasons I chose to study my MSc in International Human Resource Management with UCLan. 

How has the course helped you within your current job and how do you think it will help you with your future plans? 

Although it’s not always possible to implement or apply everything within my current work environment, I've had the opportunity to apply certain aspects and I’ve seen positive results.  

I believe that the course will build on my existing knowledge and provide professional credibility to enhance my career as an HR professional, and will play a huge role in my future success both professionally and personally. 

Would you describe the course as a good investment?  

 It is my opinion that education in general is a great investment in self development. Having an MSc degree carries weight in a professional context. Moreover, having great foundations from a reputable university is priceless.  

They say knowledge is power, but I’m of the belief that the application of knowledge is power. Jobs come and go, but obtaining a degree is really important and something that can’t be taken away.  

Find out more about Alex and his HR experience on the Yorkshire Dental Suite website.

What’s your advice for anyone thinking of studying online with UCLan? 

 Think carefully and once you’ve made your mind up take action. Procrastination is wasted time. 

Are you an HR professional that is passionate, dedicated, prepared to sacrifice weekends and has a drive to develop? Look no further - why haven’t you enrolled?

Learn how to analyse business needs; drive changes in organisational culture, improve internal performance, and much more with UCLan's online MSc in Human Resource Management:

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